Residents of the Waukesha condo can start moving on Thursday

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin – People who live in the apartment that was evacuated last week in Waukesha may begin moving on Thursday.

The contractor says he can move between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Three owners are allowed to enter at a time.

The contractor says condo owners can choose a day and time to move out. They would like all residents to move by Christmas.

Residents of Horizon West Condominium had 10 minutes last week to gather what they could from their homes before being evacuated. Residents used carts and carts to pack what they could.

On Thursday, the tenants learned that there was a risk of the building collapsing. A contractor told us that no one will be able to live in the building and that it will have to be demolished.

Residents were able to stay in hotels thanks to the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross also provided a safe place to stay.

Brookfield’s Elmbrook Church opened its doors to the community and allowed the American Red Cross to set up a temporary shelter for people in the gymnasium.

According to the Waukesha Fire Department, there are only regular fire prevention inspections in the building. The city says part of the problem with the 1966 condominium stems from the way it was built and maintained.

Fire Chief Howard says if you have any safety concerns about where you live, start with the owner or the condo board. And if the issues are not resolved, contact the city.

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