Shared Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Triangle Weakness Chart

The weapon triangle is a must for fire emblem games, and now Nintendo has shared details about the Fire Emblem Engage table of weak points. It took Twitter to confirm which weapons are strong or weak against others. He also explained that leveraging this knowledge will allow allies or enemies to “break” each other.

First, here’s the tweet that goes over the Fire Emblem Engage Weakness chart, with the classic weapon triangle appearing on the left side. As usual, swords are the best axes, axes are strong against spears, and spears beat swords. On the right side is a second graph. He notes that special artes a character might know will be strong against an opponent who uses a bow, throwing knife, or tome to attack.

As for breaking up, that’s a side effect of taking advantage of weaknesses. In addition to inflicting damage, a “pause” can be triggered. When this happens, an enemy cannot counterattack even though their speed would normally allow them to follow your attack. Similarly, if one of your allies is hit by a strong attack against them, they will lose the ability to counter.

Fire Emblem Engage will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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