Shonen Anime with the best building in the world

Within the shonen demographic, there are several exciting titles with unique critical aspects to each. One such vital aspect is world-building, a process that involves developing social structures, establishing systems of power, and designing unique geographic terrains within a fictional world. The art of world building is a complex process, but when done well, it elevates the quality of a story to incredible heights.

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Writers use worldbuilding to form a solid platform for their stories, as it serves as the general basis for various character interactions and multiple important events. Due to the heavy reliance on building a proper world to achieve the maximum level of investment needed from an anime’s audience, many shows explore new and interesting ways to develop compelling worlds. which are sure to captivate their viewers. Hence, this explores some of the best examples of shonen anime that have tremendously excelled in the world-building department.


ten fire force

fire force is an anime with a fascinating premise. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where people are constantly at risk of spontaneous human combustion, with an organization called the Special Fire Force tasked with exterminating the Blazing Infernals. Most individuals enlisted in the Special Fire Force have unique abilities that allow them to wield fire in different ways.

However, these fire soldiers have more than fire monsters to face. They are further tasked with the vital mission of foiling the plans of the Evangelist, a being who intends to recreate the cause of the great disaster that led to the post-apocalyptic state of the present world. The show welcomes many characters serving in multiple groups, each with unique motivations for acting, preparing viewers for an exhilarating experience.

9 my hero academia

The world of my hero academia is a fairly accurate representation of what life would be like if a large portion of the world’s population possessed superhuman abilities. These abilities, more commonly referred to as quirks, appeared randomly without concrete proof of their origin. Additionally, due to the advent of the Whims, the world has been exposed to multiple new groups and individuals, with the larger ones leaving a lasting impact on the story.

The main target groups throughout most of the story are the Pro Heroes and League of Villains. Both groups have their foundations set in significant events from the past, and that’s where the world-building really shines. The outcome of the battles between the forces of good and evil can obviously be seen in the way the current world operates, and this constant attention to detail serves as a solid foundation for current and future events.

8 Dr Stone

Although it is set in a time much further in the future than the real world, the world of Dr Stone doesn’t exactly have futuristic features. This contradiction was caused by the event of petrification, a phenomenon that turned every living human being on earth to stone, thus stopping all means of scientific development.

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With such an intriguing setting, the anime took on the complex task of reimagining the state of humanity after the recovery of the main protagonist, Senku. This assignment responsibility, however, was handled very well. Using his boundless scientific knowledge, Senku is able to develop innovative ways to sustain life on earth today, with multiple distinct factions introduced at different stages of the story.

seven Seven capital sins

Seven capital sins initially runs the exposition of its story at a brisk pace. However, upon reaching certain parts of the anime, viewers are presented with a world hosting multiple species and kingdoms, each with a rich history that binds them all together.

There aren’t many aspects of the series left unattended, and there aren’t many aspects of a boring nature either. Every ability, battle, artifact, character, and group has its roots in the story explained while providing a high level of entertainment. Despite the below-average production quality of recent seasons, the engaging world-building has remained evident since its premiere.

6 Magi

Magi is an anime with one of the most unique locations and power systems among all shonen. His world is ruled by an abstract concept called Rukh. Rukh serves as the basis for every living being in history. It guides a person’s destiny and allows specific individuals to exercise supernatural abilities.

However, Rukh is not the only thing that sets this series apart, as the world itself is filled with various magical wonders such as Dungeons, Djinns, Magoi, and Magi. It is further complemented by the many ancient territories highlighted, each with its own culture and exposing the show’s viewers to a strongly political theme.

The law of equivalent exchange, the most important rule of alchemy; this concept is a recurring theme throughout the Fullmetal Alchemist series. It served as the foundation on which an entire civilization was built and is additionally portrayed in some of the most compelling ways imaginable.

The world may not be as big as many others on this list. Still, the story does a great job of creating exciting characters and groups with towering goals, as well as the inclusion of alkahestry, which also has its roots in alchemy. Alchemy’s effects on the storyline are also adequately fleshed out, with the events that unfolded in the land of Xerxes being a prime example. All in all, it’s an amazing show that impressively handles all parties involved using one overarching theme.

4 Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a widely acclaimed series well known for its unorthodox approach to storytelling compared to many shonen anime. While storytelling and world-building are two different things, an engaging story can only be fostered by an interesting setting, a perfect example of what makes this show so special.

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The main thing to note in the world of Hunter X Hunter is the existence of hunters, fascinating new territories, and the Nen power system. These factors serve as motivation to act and as means by which different individuals can achieve their goals. They are set appropriately throughout the story and are constantly referenced at all times, serving as the basis for multiple exciting events.

3 The attack of the Titans

The attack of the Titans has become one of the most popular titles in recent years, and for good reason too. The story features an amazing premise that grips you tightly after the initial appearance of oversized beings known as the Titans, man-eating giants who threaten the existence of humanity as a whole.

Many elements accompany the arrival of the titans, contributing to the impressive world construction of the series. However, the introduction of groups like the Scouts, Survey Corps, and Special Operations Squad becomes relatively insignificant in the grand scheme. The most important elements involve the royal family, the true origin of the titans, and the connection between several different factions in the series, with interest in each aided by the careful development of Isayama’s world.

2 naruto

The author of naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, took on the task of creating an entirely new world filled with shinobi who possessed extremely powerful abilities, and he largely succeeded. This world not only gave birth to chakra-wielding ninjas, but also very different regions, which greatly determined the nature of ninja techniques.

The series constantly uses the structure of its world to facilitate important events in the story. A prime example of this is when Itachi slaughtered an entire clan. This saw the involvement of groups such as the Anbu, the Uchiha Clan and the Hidden Leaf Village. The series also regulates the use of chakra in many unique forms, as seen with the Sharingan, Byakugan, and other optic manifestations. The story hosts many additional features such as these and at the same time maintains a good level of consistency.

1 A play

A play is known as one of the anime with the most impressive world-building, even outside of the shonen demographic. Throughout this list, factors such as power systems, stories, and groups have often been highlighted to expose you to different forms of worldbuilding; however the story of A play can take a spot on this list with the sheer number of landscapes present in the series alone.

Expansive is an understatement; Eiichiro Oda has developed a world where entire islands lie at every turn. Each island is unique, with most possessing puzzling characteristics. An example is an island of fire and ice, or a land made of candy where every structure inside is edible. Additionally, the story contains dominant powers constantly at odds with each other, which facilitates exciting clashes between characters belonging to each group.

Despite over a thousand episodes of content, the story remains unfinished, with many intriguing mysteries unsolved. Still, fans eagerly await the release of each new episode, proving just how well-structured the series has been so far.

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