Start of JTAC’s Adriatic Strike 2022 exercise held in Slovenia

Participants from 25 NATO allies and partner nations began the live Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) exercise, Adriatic Strike 2022.

The exercise is organized by the Republic of Slovenia for the tenth consecutive time.

Adriatic Strike 2022 started on May 29 and will end on June 3.

In this year’s iteration, the Slovenian Armed Forces are hosting nearly 650 participants from 25 Allied nations.

Additionally, the exercise involves the participation of a variety of aircraft, including helicopters, fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Participating aircraft will undergo realistic and complex JTAC training during the exercise.

Adriatic Strike 2022 will be overseen by the Slovenian Air Force 15th Regiment.

As part of the exercise, helicopter crews, UAVs, certified joint fire controllers, special forces, joint fire planners and division commanders will come together to practice during a last 72-hour continuous mobile training event.

Colonel Janez Gaube, Commander of the Slovenian Air Force 15 Wing, said: “I am proud and honored that Slovenia and the Slovenian Armed Forces are hosting the multinational exercise Adriatic Strike 2022 for the tenth time.

“Over the past few years, the exercise has increased the number of participating nations and Air Force capabilities, which support the multinational JTAC formation.

“Ground crews and air crews work hand in hand, focusing on a common goal.”

Combined air-land training is a crucial element of NATO’s defensive and deterrent posture.

The multinational on-the-fly training event, Adriatic Strike, has continuously supported JTAC training for a decade.

The exercise ensures participants complete all mandatory live aircraft checks each year.

Additionally, live training conducted with different platforms and operators enables aircrews and JTACs to maintain readiness and improve air-land cooperation.

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