Strengthening fire safety measures in hospitals: Villupuram Collector

District Collector D. Mohan has ordered the authorities to take action to tighten fire safety measures in hospitals in Villupuram. The Collector, who chaired a meeting of public and private district hospital officials at the Collectorate on Monday, said hospitals should take necessary measures to prevent fires.

Safety and fire prevention measures must be taken. National building code guidelines for hospitals must be strictly adhered to. A PowerPoint presentation was given by Fire Officer Robin Castro covering a host of aspects including effective firefighting techniques and do’s and don’ts.

The representatives of public hospitals, primary health centers and private hospitals who attended the meeting were informed in detail about a series of aspects such as the source of the fire, its effects, methods of extinguishing fire, classes of fire, how to use the extinguisher, minimum fire safety requirements and national building code guidelines.

The collector said adequate fire safety measures should be in place in all hospitals. This included installing fire alarms on each floor, holding mock drills every three months, a fire evacuation plan, installing a smoke detection system and using fireproof materials in the interiors.

Managers should also inspect healthcare facilities and ensure the availability of functional safety equipment in accordance with fire safety guidelines. Necessary measures should be taken in case any shortcomings are found, he added.

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