Switch’s Exclusive Triangular Strategy Achieves ESRB Rating

One of the first major Nintendo Switch-exclusive releases of 2022, Square Enix’s Triangular Strategy RPG, is rated by the ESRB.

protagonists of the triangle strategy

2022 has begun and with it, enthusiasm for the Nintendo Switch is rebuilding itself. While 2021 was not without its gems on the Switch, it has been a slow year for the platform. 2022 is looking to rebuild some of the console’s momentum, however, starting with several major exclusives. There are Pokémon Legends Arceus to start the year, and looking towards March, Square Enix has an RPG that many are hoping to be something special. Triangular strategythe launch is approaching, as the ESRB has now reconfirmed.


An official ranking for Triangular strategy just released by the ESRB, the independent rating agency of the United States for video games. The evaluation provided some initial details on Triangular strategy This should appeal to RPG fans, since Square Enix has been surprisingly quiet across much of the game’s history and systems so far. The basics are already known, that Triangular strategy is an RPG with tactical turn-based combat, along with heavy storytelling with plenty of character interactions and dialogue choices.

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The ESRB rating also gives details on the type of mature content Triangular strategy will appear. Without touching the spoilers, Triangular strategy will feature sexually suggestive language, as well as several onscreen deaths. However, don’t expect these deaths to be particularly gruesome. Triangular strategy kept the content lukewarm enough to handle an ESRB ‘T for Teens’ rating, similar to Fire emblem: three houses for the switch.

esrb notation for triangular strategy

What the ESRB proves, contextually, is that Triangular strategy is approaching its previously announced release date of March 4. There were concerns that Square Enix’s lack of new information on the game could mean an upcoming delay. This ESRB memo should, however, appease this speculation. Square Enix may be just waiting until the launch is over to really start advertising its next tactical RPG.

Square Enix may not share much information about Triangular strategy, but he released some details. For example, three weeks ago a trailer for Triangular strategy protagonist Roland Glenbrook was shared online. Roland is one of the three main characters in the game, all three being central to the epic story of the RPG.

Don’t be surprised if Square Enix drops additional trailers over the next two months, with a focus on the other two. Triangular strategy protagonists, history, combat and more. Nintendo and Square Enix fans have high hopes that Triangular strategy lives up to Square Enix’s legacy of classic tactical games.

Triangular strategy releases March 4 on Switch.

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