The 10 Worst Anime Jobbers, Ranked

The term “jobber” was first created to define a certain type of character in professional wrestling. Although presented as tough, they suffered a series of grueling defeats that reduced much of their credibility in order to make the others better by comparison.

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Recently, many anime fandoms have also embraced the idea of ​​portraying several disappointing heroes and villains. Although they are alleged with great power, their repeated failures make it difficult to take them as seriously as the narrative wishes the audience to believe. By the end of their respective animated series, these characters were little more than a bad joke.

10/10 Iron Michael didn’t live up to his reputation


Baki's Iron Michael.

Iron Michael was considered a great fighter in the Baki series. The titular protagonist treated him with such respect that he was his “phantom boxing partner” at the start of the arc.

However, when Baki arrived at Arizona State Prison and found Michael there, the man was less than remarkable. He immediately rejected his own strength in favor of Biscuit Oliva’s and then needed saving from the Mouth. Michael may be strong compared to an ordinary person, although he is nowhere near the level of Baki or his enemies.

9/10 Hol Horse was not the seasoned mercenary he carried himself as

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Hol Horse in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Hol Horse was perhaps one of the coolest villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, although it did not live up to expectations. Despite his “Emperor” Stand’s ability to track and hit targets, he always found himself on the losing side of a fight, no matter how prepared he was.

Hol Horse’s first attempt to attack the Crusaders alongside J. Geil was a disaster. He lost his partner and almost his life. The ensuing adventure with Boingo wasn’t much better, as he was hospitalized on his own.

8/10 Motoyasu was a disappointment of a hero

The Rise of the Shield Hero

Motoyasu from The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Motoyasu was the Spear Hero in The Rise of the Shield Hero. Despite traveling with Malty and the benefits that came with it, he failed to defeat Naofumi on his own merits. Instead, he needed an unfair advantage to swing the battle in his favor.

Worse still, Motoyasu was one of the least productive heroes when he repelled the Pope’s treacherous attack. Between his powerful innate ability and his immense privileges, one might have expected him to do better than he did.

7/10 Zuko was never a credible threat to the team avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Whether as a hero or a villain, Zuko has never been a credible threat in Avatar: The Last Airbender. He constantly let Aang slip through his fingers, failing so much that Ozai sent Azula to replace him.

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As a hero, Zuko didn’t fare much better. Although enhanced by Sozin’s Comet, he failed to capture his father or defeat Azula in battle. To make matters worse, he couldn’t even defeat Combustion Man even though he hired him to attack Aang in the first place.

6/10 The Assault Wasn’t The White-Clad’s Best Soldier

fire force

Fire Force Assault.

Given the White-Clad’s recent defeats in fire force, they needed an expert assassin to even the odds. Amid their desperation, they called in Assault to downsize Company Eight and make it easier to defeat.

Despite starting out as a hardened killer, Assault was overwhelmed by Tamaki’s appeal. He couldn’t stand her beauty so much that he suffered from nosebleeds and anxiety. No lineup was able to fix this, ultimately making Assault an irrelevant villain used as a prop for fanservice.

5/10 Rex Raptor Was A Fail Of A Duelist

Yu Gi Oh!

Joey vs. Rex Raptor in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duelist Kingdom.

Rex Raptor was the finalist to become a Duel Monsters champion. This presaged him as one of the greatest threats to Yu-Gi-Oh’s Arc Duelist Kingdom and an opponent to be treated with great caution.

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However, Raptor has never hindered the heroes as significantly as Weevil and his destruction of Exodia. Additionally, he was bested by Joey in the middle of the arc, a young man who had only recently learned the card game. Raptor’s losing streak made him look like a joke with no credibility or measurable playing ability.

4/10 Kurogiri was defeated every time he appeared

my hero academia

Kurogiri in My Hero Academia.

Kurogiri was the first smart nomu featured in my hero academia. As useful as his Warp Gate may have been, he failed and was defeated in virtually every mission undertaken by the League of Villains.

Kurogiri failed to stop Iida from warning the pros, was overpowered almost immediately by Kamui Woods, and was even captured by Gran Torino despite Gigantomachia’s unexpected debut. In the end, Kurogiri’s utter incompetence is fortunate as it will make it harder for the villains to escape.

3/10 The fourth Raikage underperformed against opponents at his level


Naruto's Fourth Raikage.

The Fourth Raikage was treated as Naruto’s Toughest and most indomitable Kage. As the leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces and champion of previous ninja wars, one would expect him to be difficult to face.

However, the Raikage was humiliated almost every time he appeared. Whether he was outmaneuvered by Minato, lost to Tsunade in an arm wrestle, or even failed to cause Sasuke any significant damage, the Raikage was never able to sustain his significantly belligerent attitude. He may have been strong compared to other shinobi, even though he was a joke among the Kage.

2/10 Reiner should never have become a warrior

The attack of the Titans

Reiner survives another death in Attack On Titan.

Technically, Reiner should never have been transformed into a Warrior in The attack of the Titans. He only became one on the recommendation of Marcel, who did not want his brother to be fed into the war effort.

Throughout the Paradis campaign, Reiner repeatedly proved his inadequacy. He lost to Eren even before the young man discovered the hardening and failed even more decisively with each subsequent encounter. Worse still, Reiner was beaten by novice scouts like Jean and Connie in the second battle for Shiganshina because they used thunder spears.

1/10 Big Mom belittled what it meant to be emperor

A play

Charlotte Linlin - better known as Big Mom - wielding the powers of the Soul-Soul Fruit in One Piece.

When he debuted, Big Mom was an indestructible bully that even made Gol D. Roger think. Although she remained powerful, everything else about her suggested she was unworthy of being a A play emperor.

For example, the Straw Hats outwitted Big Mom on her own turf, beat many of her children to the brink of death, and escaped without consequence. Although Big Mom gave chase, King threw her into a whirlwind and gave her amnesia. She was then used to attack Udon, only to be knocked out again by Queen. In the end, Big Mom lost to two secondary characters, regardless of the rivalry she developed with Luffy.

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