The Fire Department welcomes 8 new firefighters

The Fire Department welcomes 8 new firefighters

The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service welcomed eight full-time firefighters in a dedicated ceremony.

New recruits to the Service were welcomed to the Service by Deputy Fire Chief Rick Hylton and Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst.

Their station masters and proud families and friends watched loved ones perform a traffic accident and scale exercise to show off their new skills.

Each firefighter was then presented with a certificate of congratulations.

The ceremony was also broadcast live to family, friends and colleagues in the fire department.

Deputy Fire Chief Rick Hylton said:

“We are always proud of our new hires, and today is no exception. Our blackout parade allows us to take the time to observe, recognize and celebrate the magnificent accomplishments of our new fire squad, your loved ones and our colleagues.

“Each of you did something very special. You became Essex Firefighters, put yourself forward to serve others and put the needs of your communities before your own. To reduce risks and save lives. And I want to thank you for making this choice.

“Today we are celebrating an important milestone. Our new firefighter apprentices are leaving basic training to take up their duties as firefighters and will join their fire stations in the coming weeks. Getting to this point took tremendous dedication and application.

Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst said:

“I warmly congratulate you all for serving your communities, which is really very special and very courageous. Thank you to your loved ones for their support while you do this.

“The audience really appreciates you, admires you and supports you. We know there is a lot of work you do to prevent incidents and keep people safe in their homes and you should be very proud.

The recruits went through 15 weeks of intensive training like no other. Juggling with the struggles and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside their training at facilities across the county, they learned the practical and technical skills necessary to meet the demands of a modern firefighter.

Firefighter Devon Holt also received a special award and was recognized for her determination and professionalism, as well as her excellent teamwork during the course.

New recruits will join the Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow, Rayleigh Weir and Southend fire stations.

Last page update on December 10, 2021

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