The superb tactical RPG Triangle Strategy is now on PC

I’ve wanted to play Triangle Strategy ever since it was first announced for Nintendo Switch, but now realize I know next to nothing about it. All I did was stare at his screenshots and salivate over the mix of 2D sprites, 3D environments, and flip camera tricks.

Beyond that, I know it’s a strategy RPG, and I know it’s out on PC starting today.

Here is the Steam announcement trailer (because the PC launch trailer only lasts 30 seconds):

I love that the extremely dramatic music includes the “Triangle Strategy” vocals in the lyrics.

Beyond its looks, there are a lot of things that seem interesting as a fan of strategy RPGs and Fire Emblem. These diorama-like environments are a big part of Triangle Strategy’s tactical battles, for example, as attacking from heights will improve your attacks. You can also flank enemies and coordinate attacks between the characters you have chosen for your party.

Outside of battle, the focus is on the decisions you make during the story. Set on the fantasy continent of Norzelia, where an uneasy peace between three factions has been disrupted, your decisions will shape your values ​​in three categories: Utility, Morality, and Freedom. These meters will “affect your path through the story and which allied units will join your cause”.

It’s been a good year for strategy RPGs, with Square Enix also releasing DioField Chroncile last month (Katharine loved it with caveats) and releasing genre classic Tactics Ogre: Reborn next month. . There have also been indie hits like Songs Of Conquest. All of this makes it very confusing to maintain our lists of the best strategy games and the best RPGs.

Triangle Strategy is now available steam for £50/€60/$60.

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