Triangle du Kheel Center fire site honored

the Triangle Feu website at the Kheel Center for Labour-Management Documentation & Archives received the award from the American Industrial Hygiene Association Health and Safety Virtual Expo of the Year 2022 Award.

Recognizing excellence in communicating worker and/or public health and safety risk control challenges, the award is presented annually by the Museums and Cultural Heritage Industry Working Group of the non-profit organization. the Kheel Center is in the Catherwood Library. Catherwood, located in the ILR school, is part of the Cornell University Library.

“The exhibit brought to light a tragedy that has become the foundation for so many transformative fire, health and safety laws and regulatory initiatives. The virtual exhibit is easy to navigate and well curated with humanely presented details of the victims, historical records and primary/secondary documents,” wrote Kathryn Makos, Chair of the Task Force, announcing the award today. .

Friday was the 111th anniversary of the fire, which was the deadliest workplace tragedy in American history until 9/11. He killed 146 workers, mostly young immigrant women, at the Triangle Waist Factory in New York.

“We are honored by this award. Workplace safety has been so important over the past two years and the AIHA has done an amazing job. Now is a great time to recognize this horrific tragedy that prompted so many needed laws,” said Curtis Lyons, Harriet Morel Oxman Director of Catherwood Library.

The Kheel Center’s Triangle Fire collection is housed in the archives of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, which include articles by Leon Stein, who wrote a definitive account of the tragedy in a 1962 book titled “The Triangle Fire “. It was based on newspaper articles, court documents and interviews with survivors, families of fire victims and others.

In 1997, the documents became more widely available to the public through the Kheel Center website devoted to the fire. Since then, hundreds of thousands of visitors – many of them school children – have accessed the website, which is now in its third version. The sections of the site include:

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