Triangle Strategy: Chapter 12 – Challenge and Discouragement Strategy

Triangle strategy reaches dramatic new heights in its twelfth chapter. After attacking the village of Rosellan in Chapter 11 out of necessity, Serenoa and co. succeeded in convincing Jerrom, the leader of Roselle, to listen to them.

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However, things don’t stay peaceful for long as Silvio Telliore reveals his hand and attacks the village. That one can’t do any good, can it? You’re ready for another battle early on, but with our tips and tricks, you’ll sail to the end and come out the other side sparkling. Hopefully the same can be said for the Rosellans.

Battle Event: Rosellan Village

Triangle Strategy Serenoa defending Roselle

In a stunning turn of events, the battle of the last chapter is reversed and we defend the village of Rosellan against invaders. You face Silvio’s dog, Rufus, and Hyzantian soldiers this time.

Preview of the battle

Recommended level 19
enemies Silvio, Rufus, 3x Hyzantian Archer, 3x Hyzantian Blade, 2x Hyzantian Shieldbearer, 2x Hyzantian Battlemage, 1x Hyzantian Healer, 1x Hyzantian Pikeman
Deployment Deployment limit: 10 Units
Compulsory units: Serenoa
Invited units: Jerrom
Recommended units: Erador, Archibald, Ezana, Hughette, Rodolphe, Narve
Goal Defeat all enemies.
Booty Earring of Resurrection
Azure Crystal
Difficulty ★★★★☆ (4/5)

The first thing you’ll notice about this fight is that it’s the first time you can actually fight Silvio on the battlefield, and it’s probably something you’ve been waiting for quite a long time. Have fun.

With the battle over and Silvio defeated, it’s up to Rufus to deliver the chilling news the Hyzantians already know of Serenoa’s betrayal. The Roselles place their trust in Serenoa and decide to return to the Holy State of Hyzante as a reward for their protection and loyalty.

Main Story: Central Hyzante

Triangle Strategy Saintly Seven

After a quick discussion of what their next moves should be, Serenoa encounters the Hierophant and the Saintly Seven again.

Side Story: Central Hyzante

Lyla Strategy Triangle

After an absence from the story, Lyla delivers a message to the dancer who engaged Silvio earlier.

Main Story: Hierophant’s Palace

Triangle Strategy Serenoa and Benedict imploring the Saintly Seven

At a so-called Congress of Saints, Serenoa pleads with the rest of the Seven Saints to take Aesfrosti’s current trade embargo more seriously. When the subject of who would rule Glenbrook in the event of Aesfrost’s defeat, a certain person speaks up.

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

Triangle Strategy Gustadolph, Cordelia, Erika and Thalas at the Whiteholm Throne Room

Back in the Whiteholm throne room, we learn that Gustadolph is returning to Aesfrost. The Mean Twins say mean things, Cordelia fights back once again, and we learn a bit about that “death knell.” With that, the chapter is over.

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