Triangle Strategy shows the potential of a Fire Emblem HD-2D game

With the success of 2018 octopath traveler, and the recent release of the tactical RPG Triangle strategy, the HD-2D art style used by each game was the focus of much respective praise. The style leans heavily on the pixel art of old Square Soft RPGs, but offers crisper textures and a more impressive color palette, bringing the retro aesthetic to the present. HD-2D visuals have the potential to be replicated across a number of games and franchises, but with fire emblemis a continued hit on Switch, it’s in a prime position for a visual overhaul.


fire emblem its origins lie firmly in the sprite-based era of the Famicom, with Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light released in 1990. Over time, the series’ visuals have changed drastically, with the most recent entry, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, sporting a sharp anime-inspired art style. It’s a significant departure from the series’ humble beginnings, but as Triangle strategy has fans swooning over its pixel aesthetic, it could be an exciting change of pace to see fire emblem going back to its blocky roots sporting an impressive HD-2D look.

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Triangle Strategy’s innovation could be Fire Emblem’s salvation

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Nintendo Warriors Spin-offs

Triangle strategyThe stellar gameplay shows that the tactical approach to gameplay still has the potential to impress and deliver tense combat encounters, despite its lack of real-time elements. The grid-based battlefield and menu-driven actions provide more than enough fun throughout the game’s 40-hour journey. As the game clearly learns a lot of fire emblemthe potential of Triangle strategy reciprocating is evident, especially in the art department.

The release of a new fire emblem title in 2022 makes a lot of sense, and the HD-2D visuals feel much more at home on a tactical plane, rather than a typical turn-based combat layout. The characters look like pieces on a chessboard instead of low-res versions of fully realized characters, and with Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ Deep combat mechanics and intricate character upgrades, HD-2D would be a wonderful throwback to a retro-infused presentation while maintaining the same attention to detail the series is known for.

In addition, the murky colors and disturbing lighting present in Triangle strategy adds a lot to the tone. With much of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses war-draped history, the textures made popular in Octopath Traveler might be more appropriate, even, than the anime-esque art that the fire emblem the series looks set to be used in the future.

HD-2D is all the rage

Fight a battle in Triangle Strategy

HD-2D is an approach to visuals that must be used again with the remaster of the cult classic live alive, announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation in February, so the likelihood of more games using the art style is high. The presentation is something wonderfully reminiscent of RPGs of yore, while still giving new fans more than enough to enjoy. There are plenty of great scenes in both. Triangle strategy and Octopath Travelerand using something similar could revive old series and refine the current trajectory of fire emblem.

fire emblemidentity lies in his fight, and as Triangle strategy proves that HD-2D is perfect for the tactical RPG genre, the former is free to go in a number of different directions. Unlike titles like Pokemonknown for their turn-based skirmishes and collecting pocket monsters almost exclusively on handheld consoles, fire emblem saw major entries on the 3DS, Wii, and Super NES, and changed its formula quite drastically along the way. The heart of the series is its characters and gameplay, two components that certainly wouldn’t suffer and might even thrive on HD-2D graphics.

fire emblemThe impressive resume of iconic titles maintains its quality by adapting to the needs of modern audiences. From the abandonment of the triangle of arms of yesteryear to the adoption of a Harry Potter– inspirational story for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the series’ dizzying reputation has never stood in the way of its desire to change. As Triangle Strategy brings an aesthetic that would suit fire emblem Like a newly forged glove, adopting HD-2D graphics for any future title could unlock huge potential for the franchise.

Triangle Strategy is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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