Uganda: 13-year-old boy dies collecting contraband fuel in Koboko

A 13-year-old boy died mid-morning Monday as he tried to retrieve contraband fuel from his thatched-roof house that was burning.

Police identified the deceased as Kassim Ajo, a resident of the Koboko North Division Triangular Cell in Koboko Municipality. A neighbor, Mr Norbert Amuza, told the Daily Monitor that the two boys went inside to fill their small bottles of fuel when the house caught fire.

“These two boys, Kassim and Abibu, came in and locked themselves in while they were filling up with fuel for sale. Soon after, I saw a fire and the house was burning. We didn’t. was able to immediately rescue Kassim and Amuza disappeared, “he said.

District Police Commander (DPC), Mr. Samuel Abwang, told the Daily Monitor that the boy had gone to get fuel from the house where he had stored it.

“It’s the same house where they also cooked. So the house caught fire and that’s how he died,” he explained.

He added: “The deceased was in charge of a small business selling fuel along the Koboko-Moyo road. Parents should prevent their children from illegally selling fuel because it is flammable.

In March, the Ugandan Regional Tax Authority (URA) director of operations, Mr. Ivan Kakaire, warned that: “Fuel is a dangerous good and should not be sold on the streets. lives when it ignites in fire. “

The URA has spent decades fighting the contraband fuel that is now openly sold on the streets of most towns in the West Nile sub-region. Most of the fuel dealers are young and middle-aged boys.

Kakaire said: “The porous borders with DR Congo and South Sudan and the change in smuggling tactics are causing the country to lose billions in revenue.”

In the city of Ariwara in DR Congo, 20 liters of fuel cost 59,000 Shs. And the fuel is in return sold in the city of Arua between 3,200 and 3,500 Shs, which is more than 1,000 Shs cheaper compared to the prices of gas stations.

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