“Very, very surprised”: a participant of Triangle at the Astroworld concert speaks of deaths at the place

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – The investigation into the deaths of eight spectators at the Astroworld music festival continues, as no more pursuits are deposited after him.

Officials in Houston, where the event took place, said they expressed safety concerns ahead of the concert, which famed rapper Travis Scott made headlines.

Scott took the stage around 9 p.m. and around half an hour into his set it was reported that people in the crowd were falling and needing help. At 9:38 p.m., the Houston Fire Department declared a “mass casualty event,” but Scott continued his performance for almost 40 more minutes, ending at around 10:15 a.m.

A participant from the Triangle, who asked that we not share his name, showed up hours earlier to take his place in front. The fan said that for most of the afternoon people were watching concerts on other stages, but as they finished and Scott’s performance time approached, they were heading to the main stage. The fan said he noticed the crowd size was increasing and some people were looking to come out right before the show and at the start of Scott’s performance.

“Security can’t jump into a crowd when it’s a lot of people and try to push everyone out of the way. It’s going to be really tough. So when we see people falling down, we pick them up and we ask them if they wanted to go out and then we wear them and pass the message on to other people for them to realize, ”the fan said.

However, he explained that it didn’t seem like an unusual thing for a general concert experience.

“I was very, very surprised when I (heard of the deaths). I was like, it’s crazy. Because I saw a lot of people had to be executed and everything, and like I was Said (Scott) interrupted the show because of the ambulance, so I was like they were going to be transported, get some fresh air, and I hope they should be alright. But once I found out that people were dead, I was trying to figure out how, ”the fan said.

Videos posted to social media earlier today showed fans stepped through a barricade, as investigators investigated the possibility that overcrowding played a role in what happened. A “similar” crowd influx at the festival in 2019 led to the addition of nearly 100 additional security guards at this year’s event.

During the show, videos on social media showed Scott occasionally stopping to highlight people in Need help, and then said he was unaware of the gravity of the situation in the crowd.

On Monday, Scott pledged to cover funeral costs and provide additional support to those affected, including providing full reimbursement to all participants. The artist has also partnered with BetterHelp to provide free online therapy sessions for people in need of mental health support.

The fan we spoke with said he will continue to go to concerts, but expects venues to be more proactive in preventing situations from getting out of hand.

“In the future I think venues and concerts are just going to shut it down, it doesn’t matter who’s happening and what happens if they don’t like it, they’re just going to shut it down. thinks, is a great idea because public safety comes first, ”the fan said.

This was the third year of Astroworld, which Scott founded in 2018. Last year’s event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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