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Photo provided, Weber County District Attorney’s Office

In this screenshot from a video recorded on November 1, 2021 by a construction worker, Casey Pacheco is seen holding a knife to his neck. Seconds later, the Ogden police officer shot Pacheco as the man advanced towards him.

Editor’s note: In the interest of the public, the Standard-Examiner includes the following video released by the Weber County District Attorney’s Office. The video includes violent images which may be disturbing.

OGDEN – A construction worker’s mobile phone video clip shows an Ogden police officer shooting a suicidal homeless man armed with a knife during a brief confrontation in downtown Ogden on November 1.

Weber County District Attorney Christopher Allred said Tuesday he has concluded that Officer Zackary Scott’s killing of Casey Pacheco was justified, based on the results of an investigation by the investigative team. of the strength of his office.

Pacheco, 32, suffered two puncture wounds from Glock 9mm bullets and underwent surgery. He was released from hospital five days later. He pleaded guilty Nov. 26 to a reduced charge of third-degree felony assault on a police officer. On January 4, he was sentenced to three years probation.

The investigation report and video, obtained by the standard examiner with a public records request, provide further clarity on the incident, which began with a 911 call about a man and a woman. fighting on a sidewalk near the intersection of 25th Street and Grant Avenue. .

Photo provided, Weber County District Attorney’s Office

This photo from Weber Metro Crime Scene Investigations shows the knife wielded by Casey Pacheco before he was shot by an Ogden police officer on November 1, 2021.

In his interview with a county prosecutor’s investigator, Scott said he understood from the police dispatch as he rushed to the scene that a man was holding a knife to a woman’s throat. wife. But according to the investigation, Pacheco never threatened the woman, but rather held the knife to his own throat and threatened to kill himself or “suicide by a cop”.

The woman, also homeless, told police she was Pacheco’s ex-girlfriend. She said they were still associated and he was very jealous if she spent time with other homeless men in open camps around Ogden. That morning, Pacheco was angry because she had gone to smoke meth with other homeless people at Marshall White Park.

When she returned to an alcove near the Salvation Army building where Pacheco had kept his shopping cart full of belongings, they began to argue and Pacheco pulled out a knife, pressing it to his throat.

The woman told police that she repeatedly tried to take the knife away from him because she feared he would hurt himself.

The investigation report says several construction workers who were working on the reconstruction of 26th Street heard and saw the commotion and they called 911. Police questioned several workers, who corroborated the woman’s description of his scuffle with Pacheco and Scott’s shooting of the man.

Photo provided, Weber County District Attorney’s Office

The woman said Pacheco was irritated by Scott’s arrival and turned his attention to the officer.

Pacheco began advancing on Scott, backing up, then advancing again, alternately holding the knife to his neck and waving it, according to the report.

Scott told the county investigator that he repeatedly warned Pacheco to stay back saying, “Don’t come any closer” and “Stay back, man.” I do not want to hurt you. Just talk to me.

The officer said he didn’t remember all that Pacheco was shouting, but he did remember Pacheco shouting, “Shoot me, shoot me.” You will have to kill me.

Scott said he yelled at the woman to run away from the scene, but she stayed by the shopping cart. He shouted at a construction worker in the background to get out of the way.

Because backup officers had not arrived, Scott said he was reluctant to continue retreating, fearing that Pacheco would come running back and stab the woman. He also said he feared tripping if he continued to back up and knew he didn’t have time to sheathe the Glock and shoot Pacheco with a stun gun.

As Pacheco closed the distance again, Scott fired four shots, two of which hit Pacheco. One pierced his lower abdomen and another went through his shoulder. Investigators determined that Pacheco and Scott were 18 feet apart when the shots were fired.

Scott said he answered the call near the start of his shift and hadn’t put on his body camera yet. But a seven-second video clip recorded by one of the construction workers showed the end of the confrontation, with Scott firing and Pacheco falling to the sidewalk.

Scott told the investigator he “absolutely” feared he would be stabbed and killed if he did not shoot Pacheco.

Scott said that while he and another officer handcuffed and treated Pacheco, the woman yelled at the man, “What did you think was going to happen?” That’s what you got.”

An officer who went to the hospital to question Pacheco said the man apologized for the incident. “Why didn’t he use a TASER?” Pacheco asked, the officer replied that it was because Pacheco was threatening Scott with a deadly weapon.


Those who think they are hurting themselves have several resources at their disposal:

Emergency or Crisis Services Weber Human Services, 801 625-3700.

Davis Behavioral Health 24 Hour Crisis Response Line, 801-773-7060

National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255

National Alliance on Mental Illness Utah, 801-323-9900

Northern Utah Family Counseling Service, 801-399-1600

Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital Behavioral Health, 801-387-5600

Davis Hospital: Behavioral Health Unit and Emergency Room, 801-807-1000

Lakeview Hospital: Behavioral Health Unit and Emergency Room, 801-299-2200

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