Walkthrough LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga | The Force Awakens Part 2


Starkiller Base is in our sights. The last part of Episode 7: The Force Awakens takes our heroes to the new headquarters of the First Order – a new Empire rising from the ashes of the old. A planet turned Death Star, Starkiller Base is recharging and ready to destroy even more planets. We’re starting to run out of planets, so the Resistance really needs to put a stop to this place. Han Solo, Chewie and Finn infiltrate the fortress to disable the shields and help the rebels lead a daring fighter raid. Events on the base become quite dramatic, leading to a glaring confrontation with Kylo Ren, the mad Sith at the center of the evil army. Here’s how to perform each step of Level 4 and Level 5 of the force awakens.

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Mission: Friends of the Resistance

Han and his friends are on their way to the Resistance. To find them, stop at Maz Castle on Takodana. Enter the tavern – and Rey will smell something strange. Follow the yellow objective markers down. The sounds come from a locked room. To access it, go to the opposite room – there is an Astromech terminal at the top of the wall. Move the tall pillar first, then the shorter pillar so BB-8 can jump up and use the Astromech Terminal.

Enter the unlocked room and take the key. Open the chest to find something very strange: Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber! Rey flees while the First Order invades. Fight your way outside and defeat the evil FN-2199. Finn is especially good against these melee troopers. Once defeated, a cutscene shows Kylo Ren capturing Rey, taking her to First Order HQ. Before they can go, Han and company must get to the resistance base. Open your map and select the resistance base on D’Qar.

At the base, you will find Poe Dameron! He is still alive and he will lead you to the command center. Inside, you’ll learn the location of Starkiller Base – and their next target is the Resistance Base! With Finn’s help, you can infiltrate the First Order’s war machine and sabotage it. Return to the Millennium Falcon and travel to Starkiller Base.

Level 4: Starkiller Queen

Han and company crash into Starkiller Base. Just as the team enters, a band of stormtroopers attack. Take cover and start exploding! We will need Captain Phasma to complete the sabotage. To attract him, we must defeat 30 stormtroopers. After the first shootout, you might want to grab a First Order disguise for Finn. The bad guys won’t recognize him in full disguise.

Fight the bad guys on the left. When you encounter snipers on the bridge, switch to Han or Chewie and target the purple target marker. This will instantly destroy the bridge, quickly eliminating dangerous enemies.

Defeat 30 soldiers and Captain Phasma will emerge from his quarters. She is totally invulnerable to blaster shots, so we will have to use another method to capture her: the blue battery! The game calls this a “power core”, find it in his office. Plug it into one of the power outlets in the hallways to set up a trap. She will automatically go inside.

After she triggers a trap, go ahead and attack her! She will wake up and escape with the blue battery. Defeat the soldiers that spawn, then chase Phasma to collect the blue battery – let her grab you so she drops it. Grab the battery and plug it into a second trap. You may need to set some of them, but they will all work automatically on her. Use two traps and she will be captured. Follow her into the shield control room. She will unlock the door and use the terminal inside.

Mission: A Bag Full of Explosives

The shields are still not down! Han and Chewie are going to have to bomb the place themselves. Enter Starkiller Base and place the four explosives on the marked pillars. You will need to return to grab another bomb after placing each one. Don’t worry about sneaking around! If you get caught, you can clear the room with your blaster.

For one of the pillars, you need to move the large LEGO block to the center of the walkway space so you can jump across it. Otherwise, it’s a simple objective. When you place all the bombs, follow the objective marker to the exit. The exit is also the level marker, bringing us to the end of the episode.

Level 5: Destroy Starkiller

Kylo Ren is Ben Solo! And he’s completely gone to the dark side. There’s no way to help her now. And nothing can stop the Resistance’s assault on Starkiller Base. The perspective shifts to Poe Dameron on his attack run – we need to blast 15 towers, 15 turrets, and 10 TIE Fighters to complete this vehicle sequence.

Clear the upper level and the fighter wing will fly into the dark trench with the lights on. Blow up everything in sight – before long, Poe will destroy the couplings inside the facility, setting off a chain reaction that will destroy the entire planet. In a first for this game, the vehicle sequence ends and the level continues with Finn and Rey. It’s time to face Kylo Ren.

BOSS: Kylo Ren – You should be used to Jedi battles by now. This one is slightly different. Finn is not proficient with the lightsaber, so he cannot use the force throw. Kylo also blocks fairly frequently, so switch up your combos often. Launch a jump or a heavy attack to deal constant damage. As always, stay out of these red zones!

Defeat Kylo once and he will retreat. Follow it by cutting through the fallen trees. The Snowtroopers will try to stop you and the ledge will crumble when you reach the second arena. Defeat him a second time and Kylo uses a dirty trick to (try) to steal Luke’s lightsaber. Turns out Rey is more capable than we thought. She uses the Force to grab the lightsaber. Press the button prompt to remove it from Kylo!

Kylo Ren retreats again while the snowtroopers protect him. Blow them up and a TIE Fighter will crash down, creating a ramp you can use to get to the top of the ledge. Battle even more soldiers – at the next ledge, use Rey’s Scavenger abilities to summon a Net Launcher and climb up. It’s time for one last fight against Kylo Ren.

Kill Kylo Ren to complete the level, but not the episode! There is a little more to the story. Follow Leia to the command center. We have yet to know the location of Luke Skywalker. Travel to Temple Island, Ahch-To to begin your training. We’ll see how it all plays out in Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

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