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Protesters urge NATO to ‘shut down Ukrainian skies’

Hundreds of demonstrators called on NATO to “close the sky” over Ukraine during a demonstration outside Downing Street.

The protest, organized by Ukrainian campaign group London Euromaidan, started at 2 p.m. and ended around 5 p.m. Saturday. Hundreds of protesters carrying Ukrainian flags attended the event.

The crowd chanted “Close the sky” and “Not Ukraine, Putin”.

There were also songs and speeches in Ukrainian. Attendees carried signs saying “Only military force will stop a madman” and “Sanctions don’t stop bombs”.

Speaking to the PA news agency, Markiyan, a 23-year-old British-Ukrainian, called on the UK government and NATO to “close the skies”.

“I am here to show my solidarity with the people of Ukraine and to demand that the UK and NATO as a whole do more to help the people of Ukraine,” he said.

“We demand that they close the skies, we need more sanctions.”

He also called on the British government to speed up the visa process for Ukrainian refugees.

Markiyan said: “My aunt is trying to get into the UK now and the whole visa process is very long and it’s quite inconsiderate compared to other European countries.

“I think it has to be a lot faster.”

He compared the UK’s response to refugees to that of Poland, which has more than a million Ukrainians. “We accepted several hundred people,” Markiyan said.

“While Poland is dealing with 1.3 million Ukrainians and they can’t deal with it.” He said he was worried about his family in Ukraine, who are struggling to find food and water.



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