Watch out for the red triangle

JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN SAFELY GET BACK IN THE WATER or have fun with friends, either the sharks or the Covid will catch you! I don’t know which one is worse at this point. Are the Tall Whites biting you and chasing you or Covid is taking your breath away and maybe your life? How do you find comfort in these difficult times? Well, some people surf knowing they’re in some corner of the Great White ‘Red Triangle’ shark and others stay home to feel safe whether mandatory or self-imposed due to Covid , a shark in its own right!

WHAT IS THE RED TRIANGLE? Recently, a few surfers at Salmon Creek Beach in Bodega Bay were “chased” by an aggressive white shark biting their surfboard leash and an attack last October seriously injuring a surfer. The triangle area is bounded by Bodega Bay, Big Sur and the Farallon Islands and nearly half of recorded white shark attacks on humans occur in this area with over 80% of recorded shark deaths north of Point Conception . Well, that’s going to scare you, isn’t it? These are statistics because the numbers are small, but I am sure that for the person chased or bitten there is no encounter with a small shark. But the overall risk of being injured or killed by a great white shark off California is remote. A study published by Stanford scientists in 2015 found a 1 in 17 million chance of a surfer being attacked by a great white shark off California. When I was abalone diving you might get a “bump” underwater and think “oh no, it’s a shark”, but after you accidentally heat up the inside of your wetsuit you realize it’s not is that a seal…a favorite shark meal! Back in my kayak I leave…

NOW ON COVID BEAST AND BODEGA BAY! Most of us are vaccinated and boosted but are tourists? Some of you may have heard and received your ticket refund for House Clam Chowder Day, which celebrates all of the clam chowders offered at Bodega Bay. It was canceled for the second year in a row due to Covid and subsequent Sonoma County health orders. With infections spiraling out of control, we get it, but what good is “voluntary” shelter-in-place when you live in a tourist town other than making shop or restaurant owners the enforcer? Some residents said they didn’t want visitors bringing the virus during the event. We have taken on this challenge since day one, when we were inundated with visitors who had nowhere to go but the beach. Fresh air saves lives in many ways and brings comfort in these very difficult times. Suddenly, another event is canceled because of the COVID. May it save lives, but it can certainly kill businesses. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES PLEASE!

ARE WE STILL CONSOLIDATED? As I write this, I don’t know if Bodega Bay Fire District has consolidated with Sonoma County Fire. So many of my readers have emailed me saying they were confused because they thought this was done months ago! Absolutely not. We believe that by February we will know the decision of the supervisory board, because it is on the agenda at the end of January. Are we going to celebrate or swim with the sharks?

70 LUXURY HOMES FOR SALE IN BODEGA BAY? WHAT? Yes, the Harbor View subdivision that was the subject of numerous lawsuits against bankrupt builders a long time ago is finally complete and they are now up for sale. Talk about the game for/against! If you want more taxes from our unincorporated town going to the county’s general fund, you’re thrilled! A portion of the proceeds will go to our beloved, underfunded Bodega Bay Fire. We want our crumbling infrastructure to somehow benefit from this massive influx. On the bright side, the owner/builder of these luxury homes provides some of Bodega Bay’s only low-income housing. It is very unfortunate that the workers who support our local businesses cannot afford the $1.1-2 million price tag. Maybe a local discount would help? ? Or, rather than buying as a vacation rental, are you making it a long-term rental at a reasonable monthly rental rate? I know I’m only dreaming… If you’re interested in buying they are listed with Sonoma Coast Living 707-377-4362

Patty Ginochio owns Ginochio Kitchen and Sonoma Concierge.
EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 707-331-6722

After spending most of her career moving corporate employees around the world, she started two successful family businesses in the coastal town of Bodega Bay, California with her daughter Alicia and her husband Paul. Patty has been to Bodega Bay all her life and moved to the coastal town 12 years ago.

Patty is Vice President of Waves of Compassion Foundation, providing the premier food pantry for the coastal community; Director of Bodega Bay CERT, helping Bodega Bay prepare for a local disaster and Director of the Bodega Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, helping local businesses manage the coast’s unique business environment. She started the Bodega Bay Collaborative, a group dedicated to providing information to Bodega Bay residents about the opportunities and challenges in their beloved village. Patty is currently appointed by Supervisor Hopkins to the Sonoma County Tourism Board of Directors. She was recognized by the Sonoma County Tourism Board with the 2018 Hospitality of the Year Award for her leadership role during the 2017 firestorm, as well as by Congressman Mike Thompson and the supervisor, Susan Gorin. She also received the 2020 Community Member of the Year award from the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District. Patty was shortlisted for the Press Democrat’s North Bay Spirit Award.

Patty enjoys hiking the Sonoma Coast, repeatedly leading the hike offering pieces of history with the goal that others love and respect the coast as much as she does.

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