What drives you crazy? – What does Fire Prevention Week have to do with driving?

by: Nathan Tannenbaum, 8NewsNow Traffic Anchor

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – What does “Fire Prevention Week” have to do with driving? When it comes to wildfires, the Nevada Department of Transportation and others have creative responses.

Like a simple Instagram post – “Equip off-road vehicles with spark arresters”.

Or a Nevada Fire Info video on trailer safety chains. Zack Hellinger explained:

“These are used in the event the hitch comes loose from the bale. These will grab the trailer for us and keep it connected to the vehicle. But sometimes there is too much slack and these drag on the ground.

This can cause potentially dangerous sparks.

How about another kind of fire prevention? A young woman in a Maverick Adventure video chided a young man:

“Hey! You can’t park your ATV on dry grass and brush! Remember: Your ATV’s exhaust can get hotter than a thousand degrees. Sparks safe. Not wildfires.

So yes: fire prevention includes drive safely with motorcycles, trailers and all-terrain vehicles

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put that phone down!

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