What triangle strategy can learn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Triangle Strategy has been in the works for some time now. First announced during a Nintendo Direct in February 2021, the game received a March 4 release date during this year’s Direct. The gameplay is very similar to that of fire emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics series, but with a more unique “HD-2D” visual style and Naoki Ikushima’s unmistakable artwork. In the game, even more similarities with Fire Emblem: Three Houses are apparent. Most notably, a branching storyline where players choose to side with one of three political powers vying for control of a continent. There are many areas in which Triangle Strategy can lean in and learn from its similarities to Three Houses.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is arguably Nintendo’s greatest fire emblem to date, both in terms of its scale and its commercial success. It’s not just because of Nintendo’s marketing push for the game, either. Three Houses tweaked the things that fire emblem fans love it and have added world building and a sense of lore. Its unique turn-based gameplay saw new exploration options, a dynamic unit class system, and deep romance options. Triangle strategyeven with all the anticipation for its release, has a lot to learn from Three Houses’ triumphs.

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The varied characters of Three Houses


Triangle Strategy should aim to develop its characters significantly. Arguably the backbone of the series, there are almost always darker backgrounds behind the bubbly animated appearances of the characters in fire emblem. In a video game where the player spends most of his time reading the dialogues between the characters, it is essential for Triangle Strategy (or any RPG, for that matter) to make sure the dialogue is worth reading. Three Houses accomplishes in part by incorporating character changes into the gameplay. As characters’ situations change, so do their presentations and stats in gameplay. If developer Artdink can manage a similar harmony between characters and gameplay, then Triangle Strategy will be all the better for it.

Fire Emblem Critical Hit Chance

Dimitri's critical hit animation in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

fans of fire emblem are no doubt familiar with the satisfaction that comes from a character dealing a critical hit to an enemy. One of the reasons the reviews are so satisfying is because of the flashy animations that come with them. In a game focused on thinking rather than action, these whimsical moves can enhance the pacing of each level, much like how Shin Megami Tensei 5 manages it. Triangle Strategy would be wise to incorporate more chance-based attacks like these. Various attack animations can be seen in Triangle Strategy trailers, which is encouraging, but it’s not enough to capture the excitement of Three Houses’ critical hits. To really excite the player, Triangle Strategy should add some degree of luck to these flashy moves.

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Strategy in Fire Emblem games

Mercedes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses delivers voice lines before she dies.

fire emblem punishing gameplay is another appropriate element for Triangle Strategy. In fire emblem, once a unit is lost in battle, it is unplayable for the rest of the game. This type of punishment for mistakes encourages more thoughtful gameplay. Triangle Strategy seems to use more vertical gameplay (like that of Final Fantasy Tactics) which opens the door to more complex strategies. This “strategy”, however, does not carry the same weight unless the stakes are kept high. Rather than going through levels with overpowered units, Triangle Strategy should punish players for sloppy resource and map management – something that even Three Houses misses the mark with.

The parallels between Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Triangle Strategy are many: tactical RPG gameplay, grid-divided levels, three branching story paths, the list goes on. There are plenty of opportunities for the latter to outdo its Nintendo Switch twin and incorporate more of what makes fire emblem great would help Triangle strategy come out. Square Enix’s latest entry into the Final Fantasy Tactics the series was Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift in 2007, so Triangle strategy is well-positioned to be Square’s main tactical RPG for the foreseeable future. For this future to be bright, it is important for the Artdink team to innovate and reinvent Triangle Strategy playability.

Triangle Strategy is scheduled for March 4 on Switch.

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Triangle Strategy
RPG to try in preparation for triangular strategy

There are a handful of great RPGs that Triangle Strategy’s gameplay seems to emulate, and giving them a chance before release would be wise.

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