What would Josh do? | Columns

Battalion Commander Joshua Laird was a pleasure to be there. He still had that twinkle in his eyes that betrayed his malice. I first met Josh when he joined the Fire and Rescue Services Division as a recruit. I saw him frequently at various fire stations, especially Box 2 of Junior Fire Company No. 2 in Frederick. Josh was always friendly and outgoing and loved talking about Frederick’s history, especially the history of firefighters.

I developed a close relationship with Josh during a firefighter course I taught several years ago. The course was an evening class that required Josh to take time off or swap shifts on the days he had to work. But for Josh, it was a minor inconvenience to allow him to train, on his own time, to climb the career ladder of promotion within the fire-rescue division. It was very obvious to me that he was focused and determined to be the best firefighter and ultimately the best fire chief he could be.

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