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WHAT’S NEW Among manufacturers

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Converting station wagon to ambulance

The Automotive Conversion Corporation, Birmingham, Michigan, provides a complete conversion for Ford or Mercury station wagon ambulances, referred to as “Amblewagon”. The converted unit preserves the exterior appearance of the wagon while widening the rear opening and increasing the interior headroom.

Interior changes allow the use of a 75-inch full-length cot, lying or sitting, and a stretcher for a second patient.

The unit can be converted back to a standard station wagon in minutes without the use of tools. The “Amblewagon” is sold by Ford dealers.

Motorola Marketing Promotions

Harold A. Jones, Director of Sales, announces three marketing promotions in the communications and electronics division of Motorola Inc.

Robert L. Borchardt has been appointed Director of the Technical Information Center, succeeding Mr. Jones who was promoted to his current post earlier this year.

Frederick W. Alexander was promoted from technical writer to advertising director, replacing Reginald Mars, who resigned from the company to enter the private sector.

Robert E. Newlin has been appointed to the newly created position of Product Promotion Supervisor. He will be responsible for coordinating the sales promotion activities of the communications product line.

Homelite centrifugal pressure pump

A new centrifugal pressure pump has just been announced by Homelite, Port Chester, New York. The Model 24S3-1P is a high pressure pump designed specifically for fire departments, contractors and builders, farmers, utilities and general industries. It has a capacity range of 55 gallons of water per minute at a pressure of 70 pounds to 205 gallons of water per minute at open discharge.

Weighing only 107 pounds, it can be easily transported anywhere. Self-priming, it will develop pressure in 15 seconds at a suction height of 5 feet and in 45 seconds at a suction height of 15 feet. It has a guaranteed suction lift of 28 feet, a total manometric head of 185 feet including friction, and is equipped with 3 inch suction and discharge connections. For more information, write to the manufacturer.

Device literature

A new four-page fire apparatus brochure featuring custom-designed pumper, emergency trucks, tankers, rescue cars, flex trucks and aerial ladder equipment can be obtained in writing to Fire Apparatus Division, Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, Clintonville, Wis.

Chicago gets new IHC trucks

Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley (in cabin) accepts the key to the new high-pressure international fire truck from International Harvester Company President PV Moulder as Chicago Fire Marshal Anthony J. Mullaney , observe the official delivery. Five of the new units were added to the Chicago Fire Department in ceremonies that marked the city’s celebration of Fire Prevention Week and the 85th anniversary of the Chicago Fire. The new trucks are international CO-196 models with 135-inch wheelbase cabover engine and 212 hp Royal Red Diamond engine. The high pressure units fit a 3 1/2 inch hose and will develop a pumping pressure of approximately 150 psi.

New film about the fog

The third photographic report of the Water Application Exploratory Committee was made available for distribution. The 16mm color film covers the activities of the committee, jointly sponsored by the Fire Service Instructors Conference and the International Fire Service Training Association and chaired by Emmett T. Cox, Senior Field Officer of the Western Actuarial Bureau , for the period from January 1954 to January 1957.

The new film records some of the largest and smallest operations in the committee’s investigations. The use of water mist on rural, urban and suburban dwellings; railway equipment, lumber yards, large buildings and exhibitions are recorded and accompanied by an explanatory narration. The Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas and Tennessee Fire Departments cooperated with the committee and appear in the firefighting scenes.

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The use of standard equipment as well as improvised methods are explored and the report covers handlines, main streams, pressure boosters, tankers, portable pumps and canvas tanks. For complete information, write to Steve Smith Pictures, Route 6, Topeka, Kansas.

Money clip badge

In addition to their conventional attachments for coats and caps, all Nielsen-Rionda badges can now be supplied as money clips. Badge and money clip easily attach to belt, coat or shirt pocket for quick identification at the scene of an emergency and are made of spring-loaded nickel silver to ensure a firm and secure grip in all situations. conditions. The new 32-page Nielsen-Rionda catalog featuring their full line of conventional money clips, badges and accessories for safety coats and hats is available on request.

New Motorola Service Training Manager

Joseph P. Jatis has been appointed Director of Two-Way Radio Service Training for Motorola Corp. He will be responsible for the service clinics held annually in the United States as well as the courses offered at the factory in Chicago. Mr. Jatis has been with the company since 1935 and before his promotion he was assistant to the director of the national service.

New portable emergency light

A new portable emergency vehicle warning light for law enforcement agencies, part-time ambulances, volunteer firefighters, and highway maintenance vehicles has been developed by Federal Sign and Signal Corporation.

The new Fireball light attaches to any metal surface with magnets, has a 12 foot cord that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and is available in 6 or 12 volt models. Rotating 360 degrees, the unit is powerful enough to be seen from long distances and provides maximum signal warning in traffic. A model for permanent mounting is also available. For more information, write to the manufacturer at 8700 So. State Street., Chicago 19, Illinois.

GE Communication Manager

General Electric Company has announced the creation of a communications products department that will absorb functions previously handled by the company’s communications equipment section. The new department’s products will include mobile radios, microwave radio relays, radio traffic coordination units, power line carrying equipment, terminal equipment and other communication systems.

Harrison Van Aken, Jr.

The announcement was made by Harold A. Strickland, Jr., general manager of the company’s industrial electronics division, who at the same time revealed that Harrison Van Aken, Jr. had been promoted to general manager of the new organization. Mr. Van Aken previously headed the Communications Equipment Section.

SN Greenberg appointed to PUC San Francisco

Stuart N. Greenberg, president of M. Greenberg’s Sons brass smelter, in San Francisco, has been appointed a member of the San Francisco Public Services Commission. He will fill the unexpired mandate of a recently resigned member whose mandate runs until January 15, 1959.

Front-wheel drive “Special 1000”

The addition of a new 1000 gpm Class A, electric or manual pump to its special series of fire trucks is announced by Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, Clintonville, Wis.

The introduction of the Special “1000” gives FWD a full line of 500, 750 and 1000 gpm pumps in its low budget series of devices for communities who want a quality pump at a moderate cost, with no high performance features. luxury series. It is available on rental plan agreements if desired.

The Special “1000” is equipped with the RD-501 212 hp engine and is designed to carry the minimum base equipment suggested by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. It mounts a 500 gallon booster tank and a 6 inch hard vacuum hose; has a spool for up to 200 feet of 3/4-inch booster pipe; and a body space for 1,500 feet of 2 1/2 inch pipe. Included are 24 foot two section wall ladders and 14 foot roof ladders, wood or aluminum; other scale combinations are optional. For more details, write the above.

Oren Roanoke Promotions

William J. Faith has been promoted to vice president and secretary of Oren Roanoke Corp., Roanoke, Virginia, according to an announcement from Francis S. Brigham, president and CEO. He will replace SK Dyer who has resigned to accept a position in the industry control department of General Electric Corporation. Mr. Faith will continue to lead the sales department. Appointed to the position of purchasing agent is Rufus F. Underwood, formerly in charge of inventory control.

Cornelius Co. Promotions

RT Cornelius, president of The Cornelius Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota announced several changes in the company’s sales staff. Robert S. Thompson has been appointed general manager of company sales. In his new role, he will lead the sales activities of the three divisions of the company; High pressure portable air compressors, aviation products and beverage equipment division.

Robert S. ThompsonFred mohl

Fred Mohl has been appointed Director of Portable Compressor Sales. This division supplies compressors to the Navy and Air Force as well as to the civilian market for divers, firefighters and industrial applications.

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