White Philly cop investigated for video of him ‘harassing’ black man

A white Philadelphia policeman is under investigation after a video showing him “harassing” a black man goes viral on social media (scroll down for video).

“We understand that the video that is circulating has caused anger and disappointment,” Philadelphia police said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“All PPD officers must perform their duties with honor and integrity.

The video was posted last week, although NBC10 says the incident happened on New Years Eve near Warnock and Brown Streets in North Philadelphia.

Officer Hoover is seen waving a flashlight in the man’s face while accusing him of not living in a certain neighborhood.

“I don’t want to get shot, I’m black,” the man said. “Please save. “

Hoover seems to continue following the man and says he is “too stupid to insult him”, when he tells another man that it is his “fifth amendment right” not to tell an officer what he does.

“I’m crossing the street. Goodbye, idiot,” the man said after Hoover accused him of “stepping on him.”

Just before the end of the video, Hoover asks “Why are you following me?” right before he tells the man to stop resisting.

Then the phone appears to have been pushed or dropped from the human hand.

Hoover has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation, they said.

However, Twitter users believe more serious action should be taken against the officer and the police department.

“Translation: ‘We’ll wait until the anger subsides, then say we haven’t found anything wrong after investigating ourselves,” a user replied to the statement.

“Your problem is bigger than this officer,” tweeted another user.

“It’s a system that won’t do anything until a video is released. And you wonder why community relations are often strained? It’s your tacit endorsement of misconduct, of harassment of citizens. hope karma will visit this officer. “

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