York County Supervisors Choose to Join Historic Triangle Recreation Facility Authority

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The York County Board of Directors unanimously approved the county’s membership in the Historic Triangle Recreational Facilities Authority. (WYDaily File / Courtesy York County)

YORK COUNTY – The YOrk County Supervisory Board (BoS) unanimously voted for York County to join the City of Williamsburg and James City County (JCC) by creating the Historic Triangle Recreation Facility Authority.

The approved competitor Resolution R21-148 (R) allows the three localities to begin the process of acquiring, constructing and operating a public recreation facility in the hope of attracting more sports tourism to the region.

The 150,000 square foot facility is expected to be built on a property leased to the Williamsburg Colonial Foundation, near Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center.

Of the three, York County was the last to pass the resolution. It was passed by Williamsburg City Council on November 10 and by the JCC Supervisory Board on November 9.

While answering questions from council on the matter before the vote, the York County Administrator Neil morgan said the establishment of the authority is an important step in developing concrete plans for the recreation facility.

“If we pass the proposal, the authority will be lifted,” Morgan said at the meeting. “In a few months, I plan to come back with the development proposals and give you the finances. “

The authority will be staffed with a total of six people, two from each locality. Morgan said he, city manager of Williamsburg Andrew O. Trivette and JCC Manager Scott Stevens all intend to serve. Each manager will also designate another senior executive to sit on the board.

When asked about the costs to York County, Morgan argued that the discussion of finances at this point would be purely speculative.

“One of the reasons my colleagues and I think we should be on it, especially in the first few months, is that there will be a lot of financial hardship,” Morgan told the board. “If this develops as planned, in the next few months I will come back to this body with whatever the financial proposal, but it would be a separate vote and this [resolution] in itself does not generate any financial commitment.

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